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Little Moments of Luxury

Sonja is scouring the various designer handbags at Stockman, trying to find the same blush coloured purse on sale that she saw at their location in Vantaa, hoping that she will not only find it but that it will be on sale as well. As she walks with her younger cousin, Anna, she slowly makes her way through all of the different designer sections, amusing her cousin and playing to her need for attention. Read the rest of this entry »


Fashion x Art x Creativity

There is a reason fashion enthusiasts stick around the offices, fashion sites, boutiques, and of course, all of this being a part of the fashion world; said reason is because fashion is so much more than clothes. If it were only about clothes, the extraneous process and practically living off stress would be a pointless endeavor. Fashion is not about clothes, perhaps about the clothes, but simply clothes, non! Must I remind you the famous words of an industry legend, expert, shaper, icon, leader?

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

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Le Film – Apricot – A Short Film by Ben Briand

Scavenging through Vimeo’s website I always get lost from my original track, much like I do on most sites. I have become very fond of Vimeo, they feature a nice selection of short films without paying anything. One can also expect to see the comments from the director and others involved the film making process; also seeing film makers commenting on each other’s work. Read the rest of this entry »

Cyberspace Traveler’s Bug

It appears I show all of the signs of having caught the inconvenient traveler’s bug, just through a different medium other than physical. I have been doing a bit of traveling through the ah-mazing website Vimeo, which, I am well aware you ought to be acquainted with by now. Through the ‘Travel and Events’ category I have been able to somewhat experience places over lapses of time and truly know that I do, indeed, want to one day visit such sights in my physical form. I feel entirely obliged to remark that my favorite form of Vimeo travel would most definitely have to be the time lapse – as this form allows one to feel the destination through various times. Read the rest of this entry »