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2010: A year that hosted some of the bigger changes in my life. A year that gave me some of the best opportunities so far. A year that gave me more depth.

I made a big move when I moved from Sunny SoCal to the weather-ridden East Coast (Los Angeles to Red Bank, NJ). Not one of the bigger moves of my life, but one that will still stay in the books for a long time, possibly for the rest of my life to tell my grandchildren.
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First Time

Last night was our first night in the new apartment; everything is very bare and I’m still OCD about certain things (walking around barefoot). We’re working on making this our new home and transforming to feel “home-y.” It will be an adventure, but a thrill none the less. The whole process is so familiar to me therefore it’s a wonder I’m even giving so much thought into everything.

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Cyberspace Traveler’s Bug

It appears I show all of the signs of having caught the inconvenient traveler’s bug, just through a different medium other than physical. I have been doing a bit of traveling through the ah-mazing website Vimeo, which, I am well aware you ought to be acquainted with by now. Through the ‘Travel and Events’ category I have been able to somewhat experience places over lapses of time and truly know that I do, indeed, want to one day visit such sights in my physical form. I feel entirely obliged to remark that my favorite form of Vimeo travel would most definitely have to be the time lapse – as this form allows one to feel the destination through various times. Read the rest of this entry »

The Jersey Shore

Banca Rossa (a.k.a Red Bank, NJ)

The Jersey Shore, a place I am getting to know better and better the more I Google, the more I see, and the more I experience. Today, my mother and I had the one of the best experiences of just driving around seeing beautiful places, the shore, gorgeous homes, and interesting people (maybe a cute guy). The superb drive-around started with a brilliant idea to drive around the area of our highly possible new apartment in Downtown Red Bank suggested by moi after we visited the MCSPCA (one of the best therapeutical visits a person can ask for). Read the rest of this entry »