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I ♥ Helsinki: Part One

Helsinki (cathedral)I spent last week in Helsinki doing all sorts of fun stuff with my cousin, Aida, who is ten years old and a lot of fun, especially because of what we have in common: fashion and style. She loves fashion and has a good eye for style. She is also very obsessed and in love with shoes! Every store we went to she had to go straight to the shoes first, see all of them, try on most of them Read the rest of this entry »


Imported: Nordic Freeze

This post was imported from a blog that I did for a a couple months as a column-writing project for my Production Journalism class. On Nomadic Style I wrote about style and fashion inspiration that spanned various fashionable regions. The blog posts included wanderlust, which is another attribute of this blog; they also have some travel inspiration. As part of the project, I also had to reply to my classmates’ blog and a professional blogger of our choice, and I chose Garance Dore to respond to. I didn’t import the responses, but they can be found on that blog (the link is on my right sidebar). I don’t blog on there anymore because it was a project, but I chose to import the style posts onto this blog because I like them so much.

Pohjoisranta, Helsinki

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Hyvää Suomen Itsenäisyyspäivää

Haluan toivottaa kaikille Suomalaisille hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää. Tänä päivänä 93 (1917) vuotta sitten Suomi sai itsenääntys Venäjältä.
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E. Hovilainen

Interior Lovin’

Starting over and moving into an apartment that feels, well, naked, can be somewhere along the lines of an intimidating task. The apartment is nice, but having a roof over your head is not what makes a home; it’s the substance within that we all have come to love. With the stuff we have in storage in Texas being mostly brown cardboard boxes, we know everything will be a slow process consisting of nothing more than the basics of building blocks. We also know that it will be time of reinventing ourselves and starting over.

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