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I ♥ Helsinki: Part One

Helsinki (cathedral)I spent last week in Helsinki doing all sorts of fun stuff with my cousin, Aida, who is ten years old and a lot of fun, especially because of what we have in common: fashion and style. She loves fashion and has a good eye for style. She is also very obsessed and in love with shoes! Every store we went to she had to go straight to the shoes first, see all of them, try on most of them Read the rest of this entry »


Pictures say a thousand words

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2010: A year that hosted some of the bigger changes in my life. A year that gave me some of the best opportunities so far. A year that gave me more depth.

I made a big move when I moved from Sunny SoCal to the weather-ridden East Coast (Los Angeles to Red Bank, NJ). Not one of the bigger moves of my life, but one that will still stay in the books for a long time, possibly for the rest of my life to tell my grandchildren.
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Sonja Fashion, Today

Staring at the grand sky above her, freezing for only a splint of time, Sonja questioned as to whether the grey sky hovering over her freshly shampooed head might just have more emotion in store for today than herself. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing special, simply nothing and yet Sonja felt as though today was destined to be some distasteful emotionless day.  Picking up where she left of, Sonja continued walking in her brand new Elizabeth & James Mason aqua suede platforms not understanding why today was not today. Sonja had fallen ill to a random shopping bout, and splurged like a mad sailor would curse. Today Sonja wore what she could of her new loot, which included the Elizabeth & James pumps. She wanted to get as much worn ASAP in hopes of avoiding becoming one of those clichéd girls who still has the tags on three fourths of her clothing; therefore, wearing as many freshly bought clothes as possible was making a speedy approach at becoming an actual goal of hers.

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