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I Wish I Were A Jetsetter, I’m As Busy As One

Road trip taken in FinlandLast week I had an extremely busy week in Helsinki, visiting some family who live there and enjoying myself in a beautiful city; this is also the reason I haven’t posted about all of my exciting adventures because I was so busy. But I had a wonderful time going all around Helsinki with my cousin, who is adorable! I took a lot of photos but I only brought my Canon film camera that I use for art photography, Read the rest of this entry »


Finland Suomi Summer Kesä 2011!! The Beginning

Midsummer's Eve in HelsinkiOne of the reasons I have been so incredibly busy this month is because I made one of the biggest transitions in my life. I graduated! However, what made everything even more hectic is the fact that three days after I graduated I flew to my home country to visit family. Read the rest of this entry »

Imported: Nordic Freeze

This post was imported from a blog that I did for a a couple months as a column-writing project for my Production Journalism class. On Nomadic Style I wrote about style and fashion inspiration that spanned various fashionable regions. The blog posts included wanderlust, which is another attribute of this blog; they also have some travel inspiration. As part of the project, I also had to reply to my classmates’ blog and a professional blogger of our choice, and I chose Garance Dore to respond to. I didn’t import the responses, but they can be found on that blog (the link is on my right sidebar). I don’t blog on there anymore because it was a project, but I chose to import the style posts onto this blog because I like them so much.

Pohjoisranta, Helsinki

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First Time

Last night was our first night in the new apartment; everything is very bare and I’m still OCD about certain things (walking around barefoot). We’re working on making this our new home and transforming to feel “home-y.” It will be an adventure, but a thrill none the less. The whole process is so familiar to me therefore it’s a wonder I’m even giving so much thought into everything.

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The Morning After

On the 27 of August, I had the pleasure to attend a Teen Vogue Roundtable Discussion on body image and celebrities with the lovely Eva Chen, TV beauty and health director, and Laurel Pantin, TV beauty assistant, and eight (I remember) other girls. We discussed about various celebrities, and the overall body image they radiate. It was very interesting sitting around the table talking with other girls who are around my age, and learning their view points regarding certain celebrities; also regarding what counts for a healthy body image and what goes in the ‘gross’ category. I got the opportunity to broaden my viewpoints.

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