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Beautiful People In A Beautiful Land Living A Beautiful Life

Does anyone remember the extremely-hyped-up-Mischa-Barton-television-comeback The Beautiful Life:TBL on the CW that premiered like two years ago? It wouldn’t be expected of anyone to remember the show as it was cancelled only after the two episodes that aired on the network received low ratings. Later on, all five episodes where released onto the show’s official youtube channel. Read the rest of this entry »


Surrounded By Magical Circumstances

Right before I left for my holiday in Finland, literally right before I left -June 18- I went to see Super 8 with my dad. I’m not going to review the film, as those are all done with, but I am going to say that it was definitely something different and had a very magical touch to it. The movie was a breath of fresh air in comparison to the other movies that were also out, but Read the rest of this entry »

Little Moments of Luxury

Sonja is scouring the various designer handbags at Stockman, trying to find the same blush coloured purse on sale that she saw at their location in Vantaa, hoping that she will not only find it but that it will be on sale as well. As she walks with her younger cousin, Anna, she slowly makes her way through all of the different designer sections, amusing her cousin and playing to her need for attention. Read the rest of this entry » Janie Taylor for Chloe

I found this amazing website called Nowness which features the coolest videos, which all have something to do with art and creativity and/or fashion. The videos truly have a very luxe quality to them. Read the rest of this entry »

In Review: New Juicy Glasses, One College Acceptance, and Other Beautiful Discoveries

Lately, I have been sick, so I haven’t really been the life of the party. Last week was certainly a better week for me. A few things happened that made me so happy that now, as I’m not feeling good at all, I’m basically clinging onto those moments trying to find the positive side of my life. So, while I’m trying to wrap my head around getting better and thinking more clear, let me give you a little update as to the latest happenings in the life of someone (moi) who wishes for a glamorous life but must instead make glamorous with what she has.

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