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Interior Lovin’

Starting over and moving into an apartment that feels, well, naked, can be somewhere along the lines of an intimidating task. The apartment is nice, but having a roof over your head is not what makes a home; it’s the substance within that we all have come to love. With the stuff we have in storage in Texas being mostly brown cardboard boxes, we know everything will be a slow process consisting of nothing more than the basics of building blocks. We also know that it will be time of reinventing ourselves and starting over.

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The Jersey Shore

Banca Rossa (a.k.a Red Bank, NJ)

The Jersey Shore, a place I am getting to know better and better the more I Google, the more I see, and the more I experience. Today, my mother and I had the one of the best experiences of just driving around seeing beautiful places, the shore, gorgeous homes, and interesting people (maybe a cute guy). The superb drive-around started with a brilliant idea to drive around the area of our highly possible new apartment in Downtown Red Bank suggested by moi after we visited the MCSPCA (one of the best therapeutical visits a person can ask for). Read the rest of this entry »


Inspiration: French & English countryside, balloon-filled, Miss Dior Cherie perfume soaked, pastry & cupcake adoring people, Brigitte Bardot playing, pastel colours everywhere, exquisite courtyards, Yorkies, – my inspiration and ideal party.

I am inspired by this make believe party, that was itself inspired by the countryside of France and England seen in period and that of older, antiqued films. [I am inspired] By the balloons seen in the Miss Dior Cherie perfume campaigns, the perfume itself and the whole aesthetic look of the perfume and different campaigns. [I get inspiration] From random pastel coloured pastries, including marvelous sprinkled doughnuts attached with a high price tag, pastries only the French people can brew, and the exceptional cupcakes from various cupcake castles found in Beverly Hills (and the surrounding areas) that force you to find a fork before you allow yourself to treat yourself.

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