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Beautiful People In A Beautiful Land Living A Beautiful Life

Does anyone remember the extremely-hyped-up-Mischa-Barton-television-comeback The Beautiful Life:TBL on the CW that premiered like two years ago? It wouldn’t be expected of anyone to remember the show as it was cancelled only after the two episodes that aired on the network received low ratings. Later on, all five episodes where released onto the show’s official youtube channel. Read the rest of this entry »


Surrounded By Magical Circumstances

Right before I left for my holiday in Finland, literally right before I left -June 18- I went to see Super 8 with my dad. I’m not going to review the film, as those are all done with, but I am going to say that it was definitely something different and had a very magical touch to it. The movie was a breath of fresh air in comparison to the other movies that were also out, but Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Birthday Keira Knightley

Today, March 26, 2011, is Keira Knightley’s birthday, and the young lady turns 26. Isn’t it ironic that on the 26 of March, she turns 26? Hilarious. Personally, I regard Knightley as a truly brilliant, amazing actress. Some people prefer not to like her, for whatever reason, but then again I could be completely biased towards her  considering she dominates the period film, which I am a huge fan of. One of my most favorite films stars Keira Knightley, Pride and Prejudice. However, that is not the first film that introduced a young aspiring historian and self proclaimed film buff. Read the rest of this entry »

In Our Memory & Hearts Forever, Elizabeth Taylor

Lipstick for the pool! Taylor gets ready for a dip in a curve-skimming one-piece in 1949. From MPTV.

Today during lunch at school, I found out the sad news that Elizabeth Taylor, screen legend, two-time Academy Award winner for Best Actress, and Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire, died today, March 23, 2011, at age 79 at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. She died in peace, surrounded by her four children. Other than her notable movie roles, “Liz” Taylor was also known for her multiple marriages, surely that’s one thing I associated her with when I heard her name. Read the rest of this entry »

Rest In Peace Jane Russell

Ya, I know this is like a day or two late, but at least it is late versus never putting it up here and acknowledging her and her death.

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