Elisabet Hovilainen: a writer, blogger, equestrian, artist, student, life-lover. I am passionImage and video hosting by TinyPicate about fashion and art and I like to express myself freely and in creative ways. I am a young lady who strives for beauty, glamour, simplicity, and chicness rolled up into one package. I don’t like to identify my style as one thing because like human beings, my fashion style is complex and contains multiple layers–sometimes in a literal sense. I am a Finnish girl whose stomping grounds currently are the East Coast of America. My Scandinavian roots definitely have a huge impact on my style and how I dress everyday. I am currently majoring in English at a small college somewhere in the EC.

Scandinavian Nomad: This blog is more about writing and my need to do write. It is an outlet for me to write as well as creative outlet. On here I write about things concerning fashion, style, art, and wanderlust -and of course when I actually do have the chance to travel. I also express my style through my writing and different clothing items and accessories.