Beautiful People In A Beautiful Land Living A Beautiful Life

by Elisabet

Does anyone remember the extremely-hyped-up-Mischa-Barton-television-comeback The Beautiful Life:TBL on the CW that premiered like two years ago? It wouldn’t be expected of anyone to remember the show as it was cancelled only after the two episodes that aired on the network received low ratings. Later on, all five episodes where released onto the show’s official youtube channel. The only reason that I remember the tv series is because it was really hyped up and I put one of the trailers with Mischa Barton on my old blog; I also have the first episode on my iTunes account as I got it for free because they were promoting it (I told you it was super hyped up). One restless night turned into me eventually finding my way onto the channel and watching the rest of the episodes, what little was left to watch.

In my honest opinion I really like the show and I can’t quite understand how it got low ratings… Especially considering the CW audience. The show was fresh, new and definitely different. There was a very real feeling to the way they filmed and shot it and the way I believe it was presented to viewers. I felt like everything was good with show and I especially wanted to see more of Mischa Barton and her character! (It was just getting good with her storyline, drama and all!)

But, more importantly, my favourite part of the show was Sara Paxton and Nico Tortorella and their respective characters, Raina Marinelli and Cole Shepherd. Their characters had so much chemistry between each other and both the actors just clicked on screen. Their characters looked so great together on screen, like the young IT couple of the year.  I was so happy to find out that they are together in real life. On screen, Raina and Cole were definitely inspiring as a [fake] couple. In real life they set a nice example of a good looking couple, and in all of their pictures they definitely look very sophisticated. (Of course, I do not know them in real life, so… be responsible and don’t take any of this the wrong way)

Once I was done with TBL and I wanted more Sara and Nico, I found this poetic and stylish film of them called “Space Between The Thick of Things” directed by Steve Yatsko during a photoshoot for Fiasco Magazine with photographer Christian Rios.  The video was posted earlier this year on youtube. Sara Paxton has her self all dolled up, looking very pretty and mostly dressed up with a handsome, relaxed beau. The video mostly takes place in a spacious hotel room. A breezy and carefree foreign song plays during the duration of the film and is the only sound to it; the laughs and talks are all muted out. The whole way the video is put together is very romantic. I wonder why the video doesn’t have more videos.

I just love cute videos like that though. The ones that are really different, stylish but doesn’t make it all about the clothes. Unique and presents the message or whatever in a different way. Those are cool. ♥

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