Surrounded By Magical Circumstances

by Elisabet

Right before I left for my holiday in Finland, literally right before I left -June 18- I went to see Super 8 with my dad. I’m not going to review the film, as those are all done with, but I am going to say that it was definitely something different and had a very magical touch to it. The movie was a breath of fresh air in comparison to the other movies that were also out, but there was also  magical, ethereal, and mostly whimsical elements to it. Of course, taken in consideration with the fact of the certain people who were involved with the making of the film,  this should come as no surprise. But enough of that.

One of the main characters that lured me into this world was the character Alice Dainard, and this I attribute to Elle Fanning. I am a huge admirer of this beautiful and wonderful actress. I also am not going to go on a rampage of how amazing she is (nor do I need to for anyone to understand) but I do need to say that there is something about her that just captures my attention and lures me into the world of the movie. Before Super 8 (I unfortunately never saw Somewhere) I hadn’t seen too much of her in movies unless she was portraying a younger version of her sister’s character.

A while back I discovered this amazing fashion short called “The Curve of Forgotten Things” on the Nowness in which Elle Fanning plays dress up in mystical and mysterious surroundings while she also models off clothing by Rodarte. Fanning explores a big, empty house, simultaneously changing clothes as she moves from one room to the next. I was completely enchanted the whole time while I was watching the short, both with the actual film and of course also with Fanning. I think that there is a very beautiful connection of whimsicalness with this short and Super 8.

Of course, she is wearing Rodarte and the [Spring 2011] collection is absolutely beautiful! I think this is a very creative and unique way to show the collection. I know the film came out a while ago and of course everyone has already seen the collection, but its the beauty of the collaboration between the director Todd Cole and the sister designers that really makes the film worthwhile no matter how many times one has already seen the collection beforehand. ♥

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