Little Moments of Luxury

by Elisabet

Sonja is scouring the various designer handbags at Stockman, trying to find the same blush coloured purse on sale that she saw at their location in Vantaa, hoping that she will not only find it but that it will be on sale as well. As she walks with her younger cousin, Anna, she slowly makes her way through all of the different designer sections, amusing her cousin and playing to her need for attention. Sonja looks at the handbags that Anna finds stylish but that Sonja doesn’t really care for herself. She finally gets to an area of the handbag section where the designer display has more space than the previous displays and each beautiful creation is elegantly displayed in a way that shows off each creation’s best assets.

As she stood there in the opening Sonja felt like she was a part of something special. Her feelings were rushing and everything appeared magical. For a split second she didn’t even notice her cousin of where Anna was.

Her eyes move around the open space as she searches for something to catch her eyes. Suddenly! A pink bucket bag, almost just hanging in the air, draws her attention. She is lured closer and closer towards the bag and when within intimate proximity she caresses the bag with her hands. She feels the organic cotton canvas,  pays attention to the tiny details of the embroidery work on the shoulder strap, and takes in the rich colour. She has found her bag. It’s perfect in every single way, in style, in aesthetics and in its craft. It’s the bag that catches her attention immediately and its the bag that she feels fills in every desire Sonja has ever had for a bag.  Even though the bag cannot physically be hers to take home [and show off] to tote around, there is no possible way that Sonja will or can ever forget the bag.

The only thing of identification to Sonja is the golden cutout letters ‘B B’ gracefully hanging from the bag. She looks around to see if she can find a sign of who made this spectacle before her eyes and finds out that -of course- it is Lancel, one of those iconic French brands synonymous with fine craft, inconism, and luxury.

Sonja had just fallen in love with Lancel’s B. Bardot bag in pink.

Luckily, Sonja didn’t have to leave the Lancel sanctuary empty handed: she departed with Le Magazine De La French Legerete that was so neatly stacked on top of the glass case. So now, whenever Sonja gets the least bit anxious for the perfect bag of her dreams, she just flips through le magazine and reads the splendid articles and graces her eyes over the photography. Because the articles are in French and translated into English, she always attempts to read the French first, if not fully understanding at least trying to get the pronounciation, and then she reads the English to get the content. ♥

[1 The Fashion Folio (which has a post about the party with gorgeous pictures); 2 LancelParis]