I ♥ Helsinki: Part One

by Elisabet

Helsinki (cathedral)I spent last week in Helsinki doing all sorts of fun stuff with my cousin, Aida, who is ten years old and a lot of fun, especially because of what we have in common: fashion and style. She loves fashion and has a good eye for style. She is also very obsessed and in love with shoes! Every store we went to she had to go straight to the shoes first, see all of them, try on most of them (even though more than half the time the shoe literally didn’t fit) and give her opinion on them. We did find a lot of amazing and beautiful shoes at all of the stores we went to, especially Sokos and Stockman, two high-end Finnish department stores, much like Bergdorf’s or Barney’s, I think…

However, Sokos is also an hotel and resort:

Other than shopping, our week was filled with tons of other fun-filled stuff we did, which included some very Finnish stuff and going sightseeing. Every day of the week we did something and by the end of the day I was completely ready to go straight to bed.

I also learned to use the metro system in Helsinki, which was really really easy, especially for someone who knows how to use the subway system in NYC. There are only two directions the trains go to: one that goes towards downtown Helsinki and one that is coming from there. So there is really no need to look for  a certain station, because as long as you get there and get on the right train that is going in the direction you want, everything is fine! There is only one time when you need to either change trains or pay attention to which train you are getting on, and that is when you are coming from Helsinki and if your final destination is past Itäkeskus, which ours was, so we had to get on the train that was going to Mellunmäki, otherwise we would have had to change at Itäkeskus because the other train goes Vuosaari. I was actually extremely nervous about using the metro at first, before I saw how easy it was. Even when my uncle said how easy it was I didn’t believe him, but then he told me that if I know how to find my way around NYC then this will be a piece of cake. ♥

**I did not take the above shots, they’re beautiful yes, but everything I took is still on film waiting to be developed when I get back to the US. I will not take credit for beautiful shots when I did not take them. The credit belongs to the people below:

[1 Harri Haataja, 2 Google Images]