I Wish I Were A Jetsetter, I’m As Busy As One

by Elisabet

Road trip taken in FinlandLast week I had an extremely busy week in Helsinki, visiting some family who live there and enjoying myself in a beautiful city; this is also the reason I haven’t posted about all of my exciting adventures because I was so busy. But I had a wonderful time going all around Helsinki with my cousin, who is adorable! I took a lot of photos but I only brought my Canon film camera that I use for art photography, and I don’t have one of those spectacular DSLR cameras. I have been taking literally hundreds of photos using my film camera, which of course means buying film on a constant rate so that I can shoot away! But it’s been so beautiful that I can’t complain about my increasing collection of undeveloped film. I am going to wait until I get back home to develop all of my film rolls because it will be a lot cheaper to develop everything there versus here. But, enough of technicalities-boring! Because I won’t have my own photos to showcase to you all my beautiful Suomi, I filtered through flickr and am using photos of Finland that I found on there.

Havis Amanda

HelsinkiI left for Helsinki on Sunday after spending the long weekend in the woods. I left on Thursday for the mökki with my grandparents and then from Saturday to Sunday I was at another mökki with my uncle and cousin.

Mökki, or cabin, is very much part of the Finnish culture. Most people have some sort of mökki to go to spend some fun summer time at. Some go on the weekends if they have to work during the week, and some spend the whole summer at their or a mökki. They’re in the woods, usually by a lake and almost all the time have a sauna, and it all makes for a fun and spectacular time.

I got to Helsinki Sunday evening and started an amaing week on Monday. The whole week I was busy doing stuff, leaving with my cousin by mid-afternoon and returning home in the evening tired and ready to start the next day. Now, I am here back at my grandparent’s place in Vähäkyrö, some four to five hours north of Helsinki close to Vaasa, where I have an aunt and two cousins. ♥

**I did not take the above shots, they’re beautiful yes, but everything I took is still on film waiting to be developed when I get back to the US. I will not take credit for beautiful shots when I did not take them. The credit belongs to the people below:

[1,2 Aixcracker; 3 Philip Korting]

P.S. I finally got that American to European outlet adapter so that I can flat iron my hair! Which I did in Helsinki so I had beautiful, shiny and straight hair when I went out and about in Helsinki.