Finland Suomi Summer Kesä 2011!! The Beginning

by Elisabet

Midsummer's Eve in HelsinkiOne of the reasons I have been so incredibly busy this month is because I made one of the biggest transitions in my life. I graduated! However, what made everything even more hectic is the fact that three days after I graduated I flew to my home country to visit family. Yes, everything has been very hectic here. I have only been here a week (compared to US time as this side of the world is like 7 hours ahead and my plane left on Monday in US and landed on Tuesday in Finland) and haven’t really done all too much [I actually feel kind of lazy] but nonetheless things have still been quite busy for me.

Currently I am staying with my grandparents so I have been spending time with them. This past weekend we celebrated midsummer here so the three of us drove out to Iso Kirja for a big conference/festival thing. It was really interesting, cool, and definitely different and an experience. My grandparents (mummi ja ukki as I call them) live in a small town somewhere close to Vaasa/Wasa, which is a bigger town. Everything is all so very historical here. I definitely get to practice bettering my Finnish here, which even though it’s hard, I secretly love. But when speaking to people outside of family or those who have known my mother and me for a while, I speak English – just makes things easier.

So with this I will bid you adieu: expect more posts that involve my exciting summer here in Finland/Suomi. I don’t want to crowd too much into one post, as even though I feel lazy, there is still plenty already to share that has already happened. Like today’s trip to H&M where I bought two pairs of the exact same shorts, just in different colours and patterns (they were on sale for only 10 euros!), plus an incredibly pretty and soft asymmetrical tank top. Also, there was a completely handsome and gorgeous bank teller at the bank in Vaasa when I went to change my money from dollars to euros before I was able to go shopping (however impulsive and impromptu it was). Also, my trouble with finding a proper American to European adapter for my flat iron. Oh the troubles… ♥