The Dress

by Elisabet

My gorgeous gown/dress. So I chose this image to display here because it shows a little bit of both the front and the back. I bought my dress from David’s Bridal, which was an amazing experience on its own–being surrounded by all of these gorgeous gowns for different occasions, and then of course there was the wedding gowns. I instantly fell in love with the dress when I wore it, and only tried the other dresses the lady pulled out to see how they would look on me, and of course because I wanted to try on more gowns.

Funny story about how we actually ended up at David’s Bridal. I was originally planning on getting my dress from Rent The Runway, and I had told all of my friends about it and my mother liked the idea. I heard about the service quite a long time ago through my email subscription to The Zoe Report. However, getting my dress through Rent The Runway didn’t work out as planned, so my mother and I had to quickly make our way to David’s Bridal to get my dress. I didn’t notice it at first, but my actual dress and the dress I was planning on getting from RTR are quite similar in some design aspects.

It ended up being the first dress I picked, and it perfectly fit me physically and design/personality wise as well. This picture shows it pretty well, but it’s sort of a fuchsia/hot pink dress. It has fabric wrappings around the body. The shoulder band is completely beaded, and right in the middle of the neckline there is a beaded section that the shoulder band attaches to; it has a sweetheart neckline which is what fits me the best. The front is obviously shorter, and the back lets out to a train with ruffles and layers. The train originally was like a foot long, but I had to have it specially altered to have the long sections of fabric made shorter by attaching them to different clasps under one of the fabric wrappings, as I am not like 5’11”. This is kind of difficult to explain without knowing alteration lingo, but I hope the picture explains a little bit. Due to high winds by the river where we were taking pictures, a piece or two of the train kept getting loosened or dis-attached, and that’s the little strip of fabric you see on the ground. The alteration made it easier to not only walk in, but definitely to dance in, which I did a lot of!

The dress was very comfortable, and by the end of the night I had gotten so many compliments. Even on my FB pictures people agree that is was absolutely perfect for me. It was very comfortable and easier to wear. And it was definitely unique; while others had typical prom dresses (you know what I mean) mine was not something that I usually see. I think the colour fits my skin tone nicely, and what I love about the design is that it still has room for elegance but kind of has this more rock ‘n’ roll-ish type of thing going on, perfectly juxtaposing who I am. ♥

[the picture belongs to me *sorry for the quality, it was the best one I could find that showed the dress the best way possible]