Giddiest On the Night Before

by Elisabet

*This was written on the night before my prom, but not published until afterwards. I only published the little that I managed ti write the night before, and I did not add anything. However, I did edit a paragraph out because it was cut off mid-sentence and I did not want to compromise myself or anything by adding anything to it.*

I am so giddy and super (duper) excited for my school prom tomorrow. I won’t give too much info away yet, as it is not here yet, but I guess I can give a sneak peek. I do have to say that one of the reasons I am so excited is to dress up and get super girly, get my makeup and hair done, and basically have an excuse to wear everything that I will be wearing tomorrow night, (and of course an excuse for spending all of the ridiculous amounts of money I did). ♥

[French Frosting]