Prom 2011 will be posted soon

by Elisabet

I have been super busy with making sure everything is ready for my Finland trip* as in making sure college stuff is taken care of before I leave and wrapping up school stuff. Another thing that was taking over my life in the previous weeks was Prom 2011 at my school, which took place on Friday, June 3. So I will have photos from the night and details details details** up ASAP!

Please please please bear with me!


*Something I am going to post up here shortly and most definitely blog about is my almost two-month trip to Finland to visit family. I will be trekking back and forth from Helsinki all the way to Vaasa (more northern Finland) visiting my family. I fly out June 20 @ 5 PM. I am also going on a mini trip to Sweden w/my uncle. I will definitely be having an amazing summer vacation!

**All of the details will include stories (the good and the ugly) about my dress, my hair (another whole story), shoes, jewelry, drama, makeup, and so forth. It was all overwhelming and a lot but completely worth it/

***I got this asterisk thing from the amazing blogger/photographer Garance Dore, who I ready almost to a religious extent, and so now she has influenced me in another way, and I feel I will start the asterisk/star thing by stuff I want to explain. ♥