by Elisabet

Twice now I have been referenced as “sophisticated” by people from my school, who I don’t really know, but am somewhat acquainted with; and one was done in my presence while describing me, and the second time the person said it to someone else, while also describing me. I am always such a nervous wreck when it comes to presenting myself nicely to people, not that I am a people pleaser and behave in a fashion that would make the people happy, but everyone has a certain adjective that they are, or type of person that they strive to be. However, with this being said, I don’t really pick up clues well about what other people think about me. So you can definitely understand how I felt when I heard these comments; the fact that two people used the same adjective to describe me.

I felt like I had finally reached the pinnacle of everything I have been working for, manner and style wise. After all, to me on a personal belief, sophistication does not necessarily mean being prim and proper, but instead a description of behaviour, demeanor (how one carries and represents oneself), style, attitude and personality. ♥

*currently listening to Alice In Wonderland film score by Danny Elfman

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