Beneath It All

by Elisabet

My relationship with lingerie has been a long, evolving process, involving understanding, and eventually an epiphany. I always thought that the lingerie pieces I saw at the stores were pretty, but I never really understood why so much money and effort was put into something pretty, when something that is just basic can do the same job, especially when no one will see it. I sometimes wonder if every girl had those moments growing up, before fully maturing into womanhood. It’s not that I had anything against the beautiful intricacies of lingerie, I just never got the point of it, until later, of course.

When we are younger, and start buying our first training bras, the only options there are are those sporty ones. Of course, this is all for good reason, as we are not mature enough for “adult content” bras (I hope that makes some sense). Unfortunately enough, this can cause some to stay stuck in the that phase of not appreciating the beauty in something lacy and racy, and all grown up; which I believe somewhat happened to me.

Whenever I was around lingerie, I marveled at how beautiful the pieces, and intricate the details were. But I would always question to myself What’s the point if no one see this? All of this beauty, detailing, and intricacies and no one (other than perhaps a significant other) will ever see; I will never get to show it off to someone like I may a pretty purse or a necklace. I would have to buy the piece with the understanding that I am the only one to know how truly amazing and brilliant the piece of clothing is. But that’s just it, that’s exactly the point my mother has been trying to get across me, and that’s exactly what my epiphany was: I will know what lies beneath it all, and I will feel better; I could look at is my own little secret. When I buy something pretty (aestheticism anyone?), I can allow knowing what I am wearing affect my mood, and now, I look at lingerie as something that can make me happier. ♥

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