Watch Hunt

by Elisabet

I remember when I was younger, when I wore watches more often, and then I got a little older, and I don’t know why, but I just stopped wearing them. I guess I just looked at only one aspect of wearing a watch–time–and I instead started to rely on my cell for time. However, later last year my love for watches as an accessory was reignited, mainly because a school friend of mine has a really cool collection of watches, and of course because of all the ads I see in the glossies for some really cool watches (mainly Teen Vogue). I started wanting a watch, but I didn’t know where to start.

Luckily, last fall, when my grandmother came to visit us from Finland, one of the many gifts she brought over was a watch; a much needed and very useful watch. I practically wore the watch almost every single day, with all of my outfits. It is a really simple, but classy and chic watch, and wearing it made me feel very mature. I received many compliments on the watch, further encouraging me to wear it. Around the circular clock part there is a double layer of crystals, and only the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 are actually numbered, the other eight numbers instead have a chic little white dot thing. The watch’s band is a deep, varying red, made to look like crocodile. The watch itself is very comfortable to wear, and at its tightest point it would loosely hang around my wrist; if I wanted to keep it from being loose, I would simply push it up my arm, and tuck my sleeve behind it.

Some of my watch inspirations include Taylor Jacobson, who I saw always wearing a bold, signature watch on The Rachel Zoe Project. Swatch, because I love their fun and fresh colors, and their sleek, simple, architectural design, which is incorporated into their colorful and creative ads that I absolutely love to see in Teen Vogue; Cartier and Rolex, I know they are very different and have their own signature look, but the reason I stated them together is because they both ignite my love for that bold, signature, and masculine aspect I love about some watches, including theirs. I really like that whole aspect of having a really really soft and feminine ensemble, or pieces in an outfit, and pairing that with something that is very masculine, bringing in the contrast.

Because I used my watch so often, it was bound to get roughed up. I’m not planning on retiring it completely, because it’s a great watch, and we all know that things just look better beaten up. However, I am planning on giving it some rest time in between uses, and therefore I am looking for my next signature watch to make a part of my look. A Juicy Couture watch has caught my eye, the Pedigree Gold Watch:

  • The watch has a classic feel to it, creating the pathway for it to be a timeless staple. Surely the gold helps in this department, as yellow gold will never go out of style, at least in my books.
  • It has that masculine look about it that I seem to favor in watches, but yet it is feminine and would not be overpowering. Though, sometimes I think all Juicy items seem to possess this quality.
  • There is incredible and beautiful detailing in the watch, including a signature Juicy symbol–a crown.

Watches are definitely something that I believe will forever be timeless, and will forever be a classic staple in our society. Even with all of the digital stuff and technology surrounding us, there is just something about having that little accessory around the wrist to quickly peek at for the time. ♥

[, Swatch, Juicy Couture]

*currently listening to various pieces by Lang Lang