Coveting–Juicy Couture Wanderlust Gradient Fringe Necklace (in Pink)

by Elisabet

Juicy Couture Wanderlust Gradient Necklace

Isn’t the necklace absolutely beautiful! It’s exquisite. The coloring, the fringe! Oh my! *Heart Palpations* When I first saw it in my subscription email, the first thing about this necklace that caught my eye was the pink. The top half pink fringe just looks so amazing with the gold. I really really like the gradient aspect of the necklace, softening the line between the pink and the gold, making the distinction less harsh. The necklace would simply hang beautifully on the neck, while the “fully adjustable” ribbon tie would give a little freedom and moving room; the ribbon tie also adds a touch of sophistication, reminding me of those old, vintage necklaces seen in some period films were the necklaces have a ribbon tie. The combination of the gold and pink gives the necklace a luxe feel, so much so that  I would not hesitate about wearing the necklace to a swanky party or, perhaps, even to prom. But at the same time, the necklace is confidence, cool, relaxed and chic. I know personally I would take it out on a spin if I had a really nice blouse and jeans or skirt on.

The necklace would also perfectly match my current Juicy Couture eye glasses. There are a pair of fringe waterfall earrings that match the necklace, with the same gold/pink thing going on, and they also have little crystals close to the hook part.  There is another necklace that I believe to be just like the one above, but instead of pink, there is white. Now, I don’t believe that the effect of the necklace is the same with the white, but it’s still pretty; the ribbon tie is also lighter. With the white, the necklace looks more sleek and modern. I like the total Wanderlust collection, with some pieces reminding me of Egyptian-inspired jewelry, and others having a Native American feel to the them.

Here is something else that I am going to add to my wish list. ♥

[Juicy Couture]