The Foreigners

by Elisabet

Sous le ciel de Paris (III)

Lately I have been watching A LOT of independentforeign films, especially French. I know the categories are not synonymous with one another, but other than watching just foreign film, they are also indies, (and I do watch quite a few indies as well). Other than French, I have seen a couple Danish films, and now I am also a fan of that category as well. The cinematography with both films was quite impeccable, with many perfect close up shots of intense emotion and the wide shots of the surrounding landscape. Breathtaking.

A while back–last year I remember–I watched the film Paris with Romain Duris and Juliette Binoche, and I absolutely fell in love with French cinema and the City of Lights. Paris was not my first experience, but it was one that did bring me closer to my love for their cinema. I felt that Paris was a love letter to the city itself, showing all of the various parts of Paris. Romain Duris’s character lives in a gorgeous, old and charming Parisian apartment that overlooks the beautiful city, which helps him in his oberservations. We are taken through the lives of every possible character, and I personally felt like I got a look behind the glamour and into what an everyday Parisian looks and lives like.

One of the more confounding and complex films that initially sparked my love for French film was I’ve Loved You So Long with Kristen Scott Thomas. I believe foreign indies have so much more emotion and are much more thought provoking than a typical American blockbuster; they reach beyond the depths of entertainment to provide what true literary pieces do: going deep within the human psyche and mirroring everyday human life, and making us think and bring out the truths we don’t wish to face.

Some films that I believe are worth checking out are A Very Long Engagement, Amelie, L’Auberge Espagnole, Arven (The Inheritance), and After The Wedding. ♥


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