Tech Overload, I Scream For iPad

by Elisabet

Independet Fashion Bloggers, Best Uses for the iPad During Fashion Week “Finally, it never hurts to have a little inspiration when dressing every morning. What passes for chic on an average day is just plain common during fashion week! Each day I checked out my Chicfeed app, which aggregates photos from sites like The SatorialistFace HunterJak and JilLookbook and more.”

I have been coveting an iPad since it came out last year, when my fingers graced and glided over it at the Apple store, and I tested it for personal functionality. As of late though, it’s almost as if a simple desire to possess, has grown into much more–into a hunger. Now, not only do I want the iPad, but I am really certain that I need the iPad (iPad 2 to be exact). In light of the new iPad 2 coming out soon, I have built up a list of reasons that permit me to say that the iPad is something that I need:

  1. Fashion With the iPad, I can stay up-to-date on the happenings of the fashion world, which is very important especially if I am to be a freelance fashion writer, or some sort of editor in the future. What I do now will, essentially, affect my future life involving fashion (I am certain!). I can browse through runway images and watch different videos from anywhere as soon as they start to circulate.
  2. Blogging It’s no secret that bloggers are influential and known in the fashion world. They not only report from the outside looking in, but nowadays, they are on the inside reporting the inner happenings, posting pictures of their style, and everything that runs in-between. The iPad will allow me to grow as a blogger. I can blog from anywhere if I have my trusty iPad with me, and I can do it with resources at my fingertips. Growing as a blogger in turn helps me to grow as a writer. One of the reasons I love to blog so much is because I have noticed a significant difference in my writing, style, and growth of voice from when I first started to blog (rebavanity lifestyle) to now.
  3. Schoolwork Instead of having the inconvenience of lugging around a big laptop, I can simply take my light and efficient iPad with me for a quick whatever and get work done. Let’s say I am out and about and I suddenly have this completely brilliant idea for a paper or for an art project or something, I can [find a place to sit to] start whatever I need to do immediately. If I’m in one place and I need to email my paper or whatever to a professor or something, I can; iPads can also use wireless printers which I am sure will come in handy dandy.
  4. Inspiration & Creative freedom I am inspiration bound as soon as I wake up (and sometimes even while I am asleep). When I step out the door I am inspired by the life I see happening around me, when I am with my thoughts I am inspired, basically, I am inspired all the time. With the help of my handy dandy iPad, I can put my inspiration to use immediately rather than letting it sit for ever and become idle.

There are other reasons–reading books online, even though I’m not a big fan of electronic books– I want the iPad, but none that are so life-altering as the ones I listed above. Of course, people may want to immediately put reasons together as to why what the iPad offers may be a harm, like all of the immediacy may harm our society, and we may become anti-social because we so dearly cling to our iPads, but moderation is the key and so is making sure that the reasons we get the iPad are actually good ones. We live in a technology-ridden world, hello! the 21st century, we need to adapt to the world in which we live.

But not to dote on all that stuff, I am actually convinced that the iPad is an essential for my life, and I know for a fact that my life as a blogger, writer, and student would be a lot easier if I possessed the iPad. ♥

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*curerntly listening to “Pieces of What” MGMT