In Review: New Juicy Glasses, One College Acceptance, and Other Beautiful Discoveries

by Elisabet

Lately, I have been sick, so I haven’t really been the life of the party. Last week was certainly a better week for me. A few things happened that made me so happy that now, as I’m not feeling good at all, I’m basically clinging onto those moments trying to find the positive side of my life. So, while I’m trying to wrap my head around getting better and thinking more clear, let me give you a little update as to the latest happenings in the life of someone (moi) who wishes for a glamorous life but must instead make glamorous with what she has.

  • One of the happiest occurrences of last week was receiving my new glasses. When I first went to the optometrist, I decided on a pair of Juicy Couture glasses that immediately caught my attention. At first glance, both my mother and I thought the front of the frames was black, but later when I finally received them we realized they were actually a dark, chocolaty brown. However, the cool thing about these glasses is the other side of the frame they are a really pretty light pink, and in between the light pink and brown, where the light pink and brown separate, runs a white line all around the glasses. Because of the design and colouring, they are a lot softer on my face, giving me a brighter, less harsh look. When I have them on, the white and light pink peek through making it  slightly visible to those looking at my face.
  • The cool thing about having Juicy eyeglasses is that no two pair are the same: on the end of a shaft part on the frames, there is a little icon. Mine just so happens to be a heart with a ‘J’ on the inside. There was another pair of frames that were almost exactly like mine but instead of light pink it was teal-ish, and instead of a ‘J’ there was a ‘P’.

  • I received my first college acceptance letter (out of the many that I am believing I will receive) to a college in Pennsylvania. It’s a really old and small liberal arts college, and I basically knew I was going to get in, but it’s still relieving and nice to get that letter in the mail; it’s close enough to home, but luckily still a drive.. The picture above is not a picture of the actual college, but there is beautiful picture somewhere out there [roaming tumblr world] of a walkway covered in snow that the college is in; I couldn’t find that picture so I settled on the one above.

  • I recently renewed my subscription to Elle, Vanity Fair, and Nylon magazine. I have been reading Elle and Nylon mag for a while now, but recently decided that it was about time I subscribe to Vanity Fair, especially considering that one day I want to be a contributing writer/editor for them. I have bought different individual Vanity Fair issues from the racks over the years, but in reality have starving to read every single article that I hear or read snippets about on their website.

  • Lately I have been watching quite a bit of foreign film, mainly French. Recent home viewings have included L’Auberge Espangnole with Romain Duris and Audrey Tatou, which I thought was simply amazing on a comedic and cultural level; After The Wedding, a Danish film that I believe delves into a man’s psyche about his inner fears and facing death. It starts out making the audience think that there is some sick and sinister reason for the actions of the man, but then instead brings in a completely human side and portrayal for the man. I also watched A Very Long Engagement with Audrey Tatou, which is about one woman’s intuition and undying love for her fianceé, whom she believes to have died in the trenches in France during WWI. ♥