Object of My Desires: Marimekko Striped Tote (as seen in Teen Vogue)

by Elisabet

I was reading the latest Teen Vogue issue (March 2011 w/Ashley Greene on cover), and as I was perusing through the ‘Spring’s Good Things’ page (50), a very close and familiar name stood out to me (one closer than all of the other names I recognized): Marimekko.

Marimekko, established in 1951, is a Finnish textile and clothing design company renowned for its original prints and colours. The company designs and manufactures high-quality clothing, interior decoration textiles, bags and other accessories. (via Marimekko website)

Marimekko can be distinctively recognized by their brightly-coloured prints, floral prints designs, and simplistic style. The print on my handbag is mostly a red flower, with little white outer-lying spaces, the inner circle of the flower is a medium orange, and the innermost circle is a dark navy blue. In the United States, the brand was made famous by Jackie O., when she was still Jacqueline Kennedy. She used to buy their dresses when JFK was in office.

The dress is something like this, except it is sleeveless, there aren't any slits up the sides, and the hem is a little longer.

I basically grew up knowing the Marimekko brand; it was never one that I “discovered” or learned about from someone else, my liking it was always there, and I suppose my knowing it was just something automatic. I have some Marimekko stuff, namely the small purse that I use occasionally, as now that I am older I am drawn more to bigger handbags. Of course, I don’t believe that I will ever grow out of Marimekko–I still find myself transferring stuff from my “main” bag over to my smaller Marimekko handbag when I know I won’t need that much stuff with me wherever I go.

I also have a Marimekko 60s style shift sort of dress. It’s mainly white with different colour shapes in a light, translucent way; the colours of which are mainly green, pink, yellow, and blue. Sometimes I wrap a belt around to accentuate my waist, and other times I wear it straight 60s shift style. (see above image)

Marimekko, much like some other Finnish brands I like and use, only make a limited amount of the product and sell it for a limited time; when you buy something of theirs, most of the time you can do so with confidence in knowing that not everyone will have the chance to get their hands on that product, and that you have something special and unique. I know the purse I have now cannot be found anywhere, yet I still know people will recognize the distinctive print and hopefully the name on the front, too.

As for the tote, I want it. I saw it on the page and not only did the name stand out to me, but also the tote, with its purple and yellow stripes. Recently, I have been made [self] aware of all the practical uses of totes. Especially with going to school and all, I don’t want to continue using backpack. To me, it seems a concept that needs to be left behind in grade school; however, this judgement is not made from a practical point-of-view, but rather, a  stylish one, and style-wise, I’m beginning to loathe totes. The image really does not do the tote, nor its colouring, any justice. (Please forgive me, as I could not find the image anywhere on their website, so I scanned it straight from my magazine.) Now that I’m thinking about it, my birthday is coming up…

In the same issue, there was a spot for the Marimekko x Converse collection. My favorite design would definitely have to be the on the top. I think I am going to add these also onto my birthday wish list. ♥

Elisabet Hovilainen

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