Imported: London Underground

by Elisabet

This post was imported from a blog that I did for a a couple months as a column-writing project for my Production Journalism class. On Nomadic Style I wrote about style and fashion inspiration that spanned various fashionable regions. The blog posts included wanderlust, which is another attribute of this blog; they also have some travel inspiration. As part of the project, I also had to reply to my classmates’ blog and a professional blogger of our choice, and I chose Garance Dore to respond to. I didn’t import the responses, but they can be found on that blog. I don’t blog on there anymore because it was a project, but I chose to import the style posts onto this blog because I like them so much.

London street style is one that I know to be one of the most daring, yet always managing to stay within the realm of keeping observers completely entranced in their outward appearance. Dressing the London look allows for so many variations of possibilities. Within the town and culture there are so many personalities that dress to their own backgrounds. From hipsters to preps to the underground scene, dressing for London allows for room to experiment.

You can either take the classy route and be the prep there was before New England (see Match Point), enter in a world of commuting to London, taking weekends at your English manor in the countryside, and hopping the various Mediterranean islands; golf, tennis, and equestrian sessions included in package, sorry, neither Jonathan Rhys Meyers nor Matthew Goode included. Then there is the option of taking a ride on the London Tube and dressing for the London underground scene. Cue the disco lights, cigarette buds, good English beer, guys in plaid, and various other elements to complete the feel of the outfit. Oh, and make sure a Mark, The Cobra Snake-like photographer is present to make it authentic and legit.

Nevermind all of the varying trends of London, one thing I have noticed is they know how to perfectly combine their flare for menswear and for creating that quintessential boyish look with an edge of femininity. They know how to be tough to the perfect degree.

Doc Martens + florals = genius London style.

London streetsyle also exhibits another characteristic that is present in London: the juxtaposition of old and new, young and old. The stylish set of London know how to represent their history through their clothes, dressing in a classy way and modeling after their forbearers, after all, they are nothing without those who ran their stomping grounds before they did. At the same time, Londoners represent the youth and evolution of the city in which they inhabit. London is ever evolving itself, they possess the characteristics of any city that is at the forefront of this world and it shows. New world modern architecture moves around the older architecture. But I digress, as this is not a post about architecture.

London - Thames river view - London

London street stylers definitely know how to own their style, and many times I take note from their daring and bold moves combined with subtlety. In fact, it is a [proven] known fact that Kate Moss is someone at the very top of the list of the stylish set. Luckily, there are places like Topshop and ASOS that allow for people like [you and] me to buy and stuff that will let us come a little closer towards mastering their aesthetic. ♥

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