Sleeping Beauty, An Apology

by Elisabet

So I know lately I have been a Sleeping Beauty, going completely M.I.A on this blog for what appears to be for no apparent reason. There is a reason, but you may only look at it as an excuse, so I won’t bore with excuses. There really isn’t any justifiable reason as to why I haven’t blogged, considering those now professional [read famous] bloggers have lives that are busier than mine and yet they still have time to compose complete blog posts several times a week, some even a couple times a day. So, no reasons, explanations, excuses (whatever) here, just a sincere apology to completely abandoning a commitment that I signed myself up for.

I alone decided to be a blogger, and I alone can take the blame for not updating consistently. I am a writer, and as a writer I look for ways to practice my writing skills and to sharpen them accordingly, and blogging is one medium that accomplishes this task. With a career in writing, I will have to, of course, write, write, write; I will also have to write consistently, and at times in a severely small window of time.

So, making no promises (as no one really cares or takes them seriously anyways), but with a public declaration to everyone who will listen, I will blog consistently, content and time wise.


Elisabet Hovilainen