Imported: Nordic Freeze

by Elisabet

This post was imported from a blog that I did for a a couple months as a column-writing project for my Production Journalism class. On Nomadic Style I wrote about style and fashion inspiration that spanned various fashionable regions. The blog posts included wanderlust, which is another attribute of this blog; they also have some travel inspiration. As part of the project, I also had to reply to my classmates’ blog and a professional blogger of our choice, and I chose Garance Dore to respond to. I didn’t import the responses, but they can be found on that blog (the link is on my right sidebar). I don’t blog on there anymore because it was a project, but I chose to import the style posts onto this blog because I like them so much.

Pohjoisranta, Helsinki

One of the biggest reasons I like fashion is because it is a visual representation of a geographical area and the culture. I believe our fashion is our culture; how we dress ourselves shows how we live and where we live. Those who live in tropical areas, such as areas of Brazil, dress noticeably different than those who live in colder climates, like that of Scandinavian countries, where you would find the people dressing in clothing that represents the cooler climate, and simple and easy-going lifestyle there.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. -Coco Chanel 

Though Mademoiselle Chanel’s quote has been used countless times to justify various arguments involving fashion, or because people like to use one of her famous lines, her words alone still hold true in their original meaning. If her quote says anything, I believe it is how fashion varies.

Parisienne [chic, confidant, simple, consistent, and natural] style is often-times praised the most, and why not? I myself am a fan of that effortless chic. However, being true to my roots, I find myself dressing on a day-to-day basis more Scandinavian most of the time, and I feel that the cool simple style of Scandinavians is underrepresented. Often simple, but never boring, Scandinavian style is a reflection of its region. With cooler climates most of the year, learning how to layer properly is a must, especially because wearing big and bulky clothing is unattractive and uncomfortable. The colours of the landscape that are reflective of these temperatures are seen in a lot of the clothing worn on the streets by Scandinavian people: grays, cool blues, definitely blacks, and whites are all evident in a lot of people’s clothing. 

Effortless in its own and different way, basic staples and lasting impressions are worn more; that’s not to say that touches of glamour or statement pieces are never seen. I find something really refreshing about the sleek and cool look of Scandinavian style. When I look at bloggers like Sandra Hagelstam (5 inch and Up) and Carolina Engman (Fashion Squad), I feel like a breath of crisp, fresh air just came in. I believe something adding to this innate coolness is the confidence and security Scandinavian people have; we know we’re cool, but we’re not all high-sprung on our own egos.

I also admire Scandinavian style because they know how to perfectly juxtapose the surrounding scenery and landscape with the atmosphere of the hip and urban cities, like Helsinki, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. The architectural aspect of fashion is evident in Scandinavian style: straight lines and proportions are seen just as much in the clothing as in the architecture and landscape around. 

I personally feel that Scandinavian style should be given more attention and credit to, but I guess for now it is up to me and the few other Scandinavian bloggers to bring attention to this region that is amazing landscape and fashion wise. ♥

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