Lady On The Move

by Elisabet

Hope everyone had a fantastic and merry Christmas. Spending time, eating, drinking, feasting with family and close ones.

Of course, for me there is also something else to look forward to: winter break! Finally.

However, even though it’s winter break, January First will come regardless. Four days left!

For those less informed, January first is the date everything has to be turned in for colleges/universities, and I’m freaking out! I haven’t received my confirmation notecards from 3 schools from one teacher, and none from the other teacher! Worried! I have submitted most of my applications to my schools, with a few more schools to go. Luckily, some of my schools are not January first, with one deadline even stretching to March. Relief!

But for now, I will not don on college applications. I know after this process everything will calm down and get easier, and if I understand that I must do what is necessary, I will reap the benefits [of getting into college, and of course getting into my first choice school]. The benefits of striving forth will get me to my goals, and these goals and achieving these goals will make everything completely worth it.

Just put on hold the Gossip Girl season 2 collection from the library’s consortium. I love libraries. The resources, the people, the intellectual aspects, and the accessibility. Will be watching Serena in all her glory with a cup of coffee by my side. 🙂 And I will have plenty of time to do so with my break.

(Just one) My dream apartment suite. Of course, my tastes as far as interior, home, design are quite varied. Which I gave a nod to in an earlier post. I could definitely retreat to this enclave after a day at the office. Office? Or Vanity Fair offices? Quite a difference, non? The environment in the image is so cozy and very warm. Somewhere to just relax.

Everyone was asking for a white Christmas around here, and they certainly got a white something. Our snow came a day late to be considered a white Christmas, but it it a nice touch before the week starts; even though it is said to carry over into tomorrow morning (or by the looks of my clock, today’s morning). When I walked out of our apartment this morning, it was cold, but I didn’t think it was that cold; however, once we were in church before service began, it started snowing. Someone mentioned something about a blizzard, and I guess the rest is history. Came home, and the snow has been blowing ever since earlier this morning.

At first, we waited to see if the snow would stick, and sure enough it did. It’s so beautiful how it sticks and covers everything. Of course, right now in our streets there is a lot more snow than the previous photograph of whatever cute town it may be of.

Like I said, the snow is so very beautiful. I remember snow from Finland (yes! I do), and last year we went to Big Bear and Frazier (sp?) Park in SoCal, but I am still in awe. Last year, I lived in Los Angeles and visited those places with snow. With the snow, there is this beautiful, eeriness to it, and of course there is the silence. I don’t want to say scary, no, not at all; rather, extremely peaceful. Whatever snow is to each of us individually, it’s amazing and I am one happy girl right now.

[(1) fashionchalet, (2) thatgirlinpearls, (3), (4) kristensmiith, (5) crazy night, all via tumblr, except, #3.]

*note: tumblr images are really good for the soul: a) so much inspiration, not just soo much inspiration, more like endless inspiration, and b) a splendid escape into a very visual and eye-fulfilling world.

Bonne Nuit,

E. Hovilainen

*currently listening to Cheers (Drink to That) – Rihanna