Le Film – Apricot – A Short Film by Ben Briand

by Elisabet

Scavenging through Vimeo’s website I always get lost from my original track, much like I do on most sites. I have become very fond of Vimeo, they feature a nice selection of short films without paying anything. One can also expect to see the comments from the director and others involved the film making process; also seeing film makers commenting on each other’s work. Vimeo is also a place to not just find short films but also clips made by individuals simply for the sheer amusement of others. Travel logs and time lapses can also be found, of course among thousands of other categories of videos.

However, will get back to Apricot. There’s a mysterious quality to the film which keeps the viewer interested past the somewhat creepy questions the man asks and the odd fact that the woman had her first “love” and kiss at a young age. This mysterious quality carries onto the end and finally one is left to question just who is the man and what is his part in her history. The actress’ fashionable style is sure to bring a yearn to dress like her and she also possesses a quality of coolness as her jewelry moves and breathes with her. The man and the woman complement each other; the woman is the coolness factor and the man is the guy one becomes weary of. Apricot is set in the present where the female is telling the story of her first “love” and the past which is where the story takes place.

Apricot at first looks simply like a cute film, however, as the film moves through there is an unexplainable depth and mystery attached. By the end, I found myself a little happier with a smile on my face.

Bonne Nuit,

E. Hovilainen

*currently listening to “Lift Me Up” by Moby