One Sided Biased Negligence

by Elisabet

As you may or may not have been well aware of recently, depending on the simple fact of whether or not one sees my Twitter in conjunction then sees my massive Tumblr posts which are re-routed to Twitter (and then possibly seeing my Tumblr addiction), but I have not been absent from the interwebs, just a little absent and ignoring of writing longer posts. Sometimes, I feel after a school day it is easier to gawk over inspiring images and then re send it out there to the internet world, or one could feel it is just lazy (it’s ok, I think it lazy too). Much has happened, and I believe it’s now time to get caught up with each other, old friend.

School is busy, but not as busy as having to go back to a school-like setting and do SAT prep courses. Thankfully, however, those have come to an end and I will retake my SAT this Saturday, which in turn translates to neither having the ability to staying up late Friday night no sleeping in following morning. During the duration of the half-dreaded SAT courses, dearest mummi (grandmother in native Finnish) has been staying, and unfortunately, is currently in midair right now flying back home. *sad face* I am however grateful that she was able to come for a visit. I am also involved with extracurriculars and the library (volunteer, surrounded by hundreds of books *smile face* ).

Life will get easier, it must.

And if not then I believe I am frankly being a complaining immature sob of a person. Oui.

Just recently I finished a book a friend of mine marveled at told of how “amazing” it was, so I borrowed, read, and agree. Magnificent is this book. What book? Looking for Alaska. Brilliant. So diverse. Capitvating. Enthralling. Gripping. Grabbing. Honking. Mysterious. On and on, amazing! There’s nothing much I can write about that won’t be short of a full on analysis, and honestly, at the current hour, I don’t want to go down that particular path.

Just. Read. It. Ok?


Bonne Nuit,

E. Hovilainen

*currently listening to “Storms In Africa” Enya