[Almost] Addictions: Products

by Elisabet

Lately I have been thinking about the products I use everyday, and how [almost] addicted I am to them. I use them on a day-to-day basis, obviously for a reason. 1) They work. 2) They’re healthy. 3) I like them. 4) And mother approves if not uses (which is HUGE). The saying goes that when you love something, you should share it, so I thought, why not share these things with everyone, if everyone already isn’t using them. It would be selfish of me to keep certain secrets, unless they are no secrets to begin with.


Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

Because Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm is so sensational, I am to the virtually obliged to declare that I am, in fact, addicted to smothering my lips multiple times a day with this product. Just like the little stick reads “Soothing Cooling Refreshing”, it truly has a tingling sensation of cooling over the lips. I have to admit that at first try, I was no fan of what I now call an act of love from the balm, but the more I used it for my horribly kept lips from my past life, the cooling was what got me hooked. I apply the Balm throughout the day, and of course right before going to sleep, and before applying lipstick.


NOW Tea Tree Oil- 2 oz

Acne and acne scars are both inevitable to anyone who has had to live through the tumultuous teenage years, therefore, everyone. I have been through a boat load of products whose magical powers are meant to be used for saving embarrassment and performing the disappearing act for acne’s successor, acne scars. However, none have lived up or been quite as healthy as Tea Tree Oil. NOW’s Tea Tree Oil is 100% tea tree steam distilled from leaves. Despite what is recommended, I dab a little tea tree onto a Q-Tip (with no added water, I like it strong), dab around on the needed areas, keep the repetition, and voila, after many nights of holding my breath and baring through the smell and the feeling of something of a burn, the disappearing act has finally come to town. The aroma of Tea Tree Oil is one that needs some time getting used to, but once results have arrived, it will be realized that it was well worth it. For tea tree oil it is best if applied right before going to sleep first due to smell, and also allowing it to work and soak into the face while in a restful, deep sleep.


NOW Sweet Almond Oil -16 oz

NOW’s Sweet Almond Oil is the trifecta: body, face, hair (you can also use it on food i.e. salad). Unlike my previous [almost] addicting product, the name says the aroma, sweet. Here is a product that has the ability to provide results for all three crucial areas in one of the healthiest ways possible. NOW’s Sweet Almond Oil has been able to make my arms, legs, and torso supple while bringing out my natural tan and complexion, which is somewhat of a non-Snooki but a natural and healthy orange. To my body, I apply the Oil either when I have just finished drying myself after a shower; or to my legs when my legs are in dire need of some love, leaving them silky soft.

Even though many products are not able to go from body to face with ease, especially with sensitivity in the mix, NOW Sweet Almond Oil cruises over like nobody’s business. From experience due to my super-sensitive skin I know when something isn’t doing any favors for my face, which is the opposite of what I have to say for the Almond Oil. Along with keeping my face supple and my complexion natural, the oil – in conjunction with tea tree oil – strives in keeping my face healthy, which is my number one concern as everything else falls under said category. When applying to face, of course it is always best to apply when clean. However, after washing my face in preparation for makeup, I apply right before I start applying makeup.

Flying to another unheard of category for products used on the body, the Sweet Almond Oil has the ability to turn hair from agile straw to locks of silk. I normally apply the Oil when my hair is wet just after washing allowing for my clean hair to soak up everything this wonder has to offer, providing for healthy hair.

With a product that can be found in a normal health food store (Whole Foods), turn dry, desert skin into a healthy complexion, keep the face moist with health, and turn hair from straw to silk, it’s a surprise more people haven’t heard of this magic act. On this product alone I am willing to go on a campaign for health. I have yet to try the Oil on food, but with a trifecta already in place, I doubt a fail is in order for that department. With a dewy texture and a sweet aroma, it is a pleasure for me to “wear” this Oil.


Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gelly 8 oz

Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel is a fresh pick-me-up for the face; also able to take credit for being another product that combats acne scars. When applied to the face, there is an instant feeling of a tightening, much like certain surgical procedures and toxins via needles sans the needles, knives, and toxins. As the face feels like it is being tightened, it also feels like it is being lifted, confirming the fresh pick-me-up. Also having a pleasant aroma, there is no fear or mystery when applying the Gel to the face. I myself normally apply the Gel right before I apply NOW Sweet Almond Oil, allowing it to dry a little. Though, if I am in a hurry, I only apply the Gel while I am on the run.

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