First Time

by Elisabet

Last night was our first night in the new apartment; everything is very bare and I’m still OCD about certain things (walking around barefoot). We’re working on making this our new home and transforming to feel “home-y.” It will be an adventure, but a thrill none the less. The whole process is so familiar to me therefore it’s a wonder I’m even giving so much thought into everything.

Mother and I did a drive around yesterday while we were free, and found some fun.

Our friend’s Dachsund Yankee,

We’re finding out the pizza slices here are large!

The waves at the beach close to Monmouth Beach (somewhere along the border of Long Branch) were amazing. These pictures do no justice, but I never get tired of waves or the magnificence of the ocean.

Sorry for the picture quality.

[pictures belong to me.]

Beautiful! Being there will always be better. I wish I had my other film camera with me; I could have snapped some truly wondrous shots with it.

Leaving this on a good note,
E. Hovilainen