The Morning After

by Elisabet

On the 27 of August, I had the pleasure to attend a Teen Vogue Roundtable Discussion on body image and celebrities with the lovely Eva Chen, TV beauty and health director, and Laurel Pantin, TV beauty assistant, and eight (I remember) other girls. We discussed about various celebrities, and the overall body image they radiate. It was very interesting sitting around the table talking with other girls who are around my age, and learning their view points regarding certain celebrities; also regarding what counts for a healthy body image and what goes in the ‘gross’ category. I got the opportunity to broaden my viewpoints.

However, sitting around the table at the Teen Vogue offices was not the only magical experience that I lived out. Recently I had begun to put thought into another career alternative, let’s just say one a little more dealing with government and going to work in a suit; nevertheless, walking into the iconic Condé Nast building and riding up the elevator I realized how much I truly want to be part of a world that exists beyond suits, bureaucrats, and the government. Walking in the magical land a bubbly sensation took over my insides, and I had a warm fuzzy feeling of everything a girl could ask for. I wanted the other job because I thought I would be able to help people on a deeper level while keeping things adventurous, but I realized the only adventure I may have received from the job was the kind I saw on TV shows. My thoughts finally registered that with a job as writer, among others, I could and most definitely would still help countless people in a way that I cannot quite yet comprehend. I would live a life of adventure; and if I get bored, I create my own adventure.

In addition to walking around New York and experiencing a myriad of sights, smells, neighborhoods, people, food smells, and various other New York wonders, I knew this city of magical happenings was were my life after college would start with a certain grandeur quality. No doubt Washington, DC, has the history to possibly satisfy the history itch, but the history itch is not the only things New York relieves. I found New York to be the same place I fell in love with when mother and I visited in May of 2008. New York has an endless array of inspiration; but I am sure there is no need to convince any one who has ever stepped foot in the City why New York is magical.

Unfortunately, the battery on my Canon died right as I loaded another roll, and I did not take too many pictures with mother’s digital camera. Good news: All is well and the world has been set right again. I would like to think that for the most part what I want to do with my future is more certain than ever, and I need not convince myself.

[pictures were taken by me during previous NY trip (May ’08) and belong to me.]

Bonsoir mes chéris.
E. Hovilainen