The Jersey Shore

by Elisabet

Banca Rossa (a.k.a Red Bank, NJ)

The Jersey Shore, a place I am getting to know better and better the more I Google, the more I see, and the more I experience. Today, my mother and I had the one of the best experiences of just driving around seeing beautiful places, the shore, gorgeous homes, and interesting people (maybe a cute guy). The superb drive-around started with a brilliant idea to drive around the area of our highly possible new apartment in Downtown Red Bank suggested by moi after we visited the MCSPCA (one of the best therapeutical visits a person can ask for). We found a meter and hit the sidewalk walking. Walking through downtown Red Bank I discerned want from knew and I knew I yearned, even maybe needed to be a part of what I was experiencing. Later when the fun on the sidewalk came to a known end, we drove from Red Bank to Navesink to even Sea Bright; and on this completely separate adventure, while seeing everything I dreamt of seeing during the years I was stuck in Texas for 12 years, I came to the conlcusion that the Jersey Shore was more than a location lined with beauty, the Jersey Shore is a lifestyle– other than what is known to fans of Jersey Shore (yuck).

To completely embody Jersey Shore one must be able to succumb to the entirety of everything and understand it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle (and location) that I have dreamt of almost my whole entire life, though I did not know it would be in New Jersey, on the Jersey Shore, but I knew what I wanted in a very unknowing way. The areas that we drove through together have some sort of magical component that combine gorgeous mom-and-pop shops and small town characteristics with those of urban and even higher end elements. Walking on Broad St. we spotted independent candy shops and distinct music stores all the way to designer clothing boutique Coco Pari and Tiffany & Co on historic Broad St. in the very Red Bank, NJ.  Without living the lifestyle of the Jersey Shore one will only pass time by not knowing what lies underneath their own feet. There is nothing needed to do to live the lifestyle other than humbly look and appreciate everything that the Jersey Shore has to offer.

NYC: Tiffany & Co.

Everything we experienced was eye opening. I knew deep down inside New Jersey was not in the least anything what ignorant people may think; however, all the time I was looking at real estate in the more country side of Jersey, I never glanced at the Shore area, therefore, this was all new to me. The beauty of Navesink and the architecture there is breathtaking. I never imagined the Shore area would be so enchanting. Not even the beauties [read houses] of Los Angeles had this much of an enchanting effect. I have yet to see every inch of New Jersey, less so the Shore area, nevertheless I admit this will be an adventure, but an adventure that I will tackle through.

images via flickr

E. Hovilainen, currently listening to “Kettering” The Antlers