Sonja Fashion, Today

by Elisabet

Staring at the grand sky above her, freezing for only a splint of time, Sonja questioned as to whether the grey sky hovering over her freshly shampooed head might just have more emotion in store for today than herself. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing special, simply nothing and yet Sonja felt as though today was destined to be some distasteful emotionless day.  Picking up where she left of, Sonja continued walking in her brand new Elizabeth & James Mason aqua suede platforms not understanding why today was not today. Sonja had fallen ill to a random shopping bout, and splurged like a mad sailor would curse. Today Sonja wore what she could of her new loot, which included the Elizabeth & James pumps. She wanted to get as much worn ASAP in hopes of avoiding becoming one of those clichéd girls who still has the tags on three fourths of her clothing; therefore, wearing as many freshly bought clothes as possible was making a speedy approach at becoming an actual goal of hers.

Sonja was now heading close to meet her knight at one of her favorite spots in New York, and definitely her favorite spot in West Village, Sweetiepie Restaurant. As Sonja cleared around the corner and unconsciously runway-walked her way into the restaurant, there, she spotted the man, him, her knight. Despite Sonja seeing the man on a constant basis, today’s lunch happened to be simple and lovely, no complications. Again, another reason why today was supposed to be one of those spot on days. You know? When by the end of the day you have this irresistible tingly sensation inside of you reminding you that no matter how deep you want to search, the day was spot on perfect and there was no denying it.

After lunch Sonja headed back to her apartment, turned on her TV, fed Marc, and decided to get comfortably settled to nestle in her couch. Shuffling through unsightly shipping boxes and glossy shopping bags Sonja pulled out a fresh and crisp pair of IRO Talav pants, loungewear pants at their best she believed. These pants were deemed her new safewear—lounge pants easily turned into chic pants for running pesky errands. Slip on a pair of any classic Tory Burch balet flats or a pair of sleek black heels. She slipped on a navy racerback tunic from Only Hearts; thus after changing, Sonja decided she was comfortable and was going to take the day for what it was, lazy and it was okay.

By E. Hovilainen