by Elisabet

Inspiration: French & English countryside, balloon-filled, Miss Dior Cherie perfume soaked, pastry & cupcake adoring people, Brigitte Bardot playing, pastel colours everywhere, exquisite courtyards, Yorkies, – my inspiration and ideal party.

I am inspired by this make believe party, that was itself inspired by the countryside of France and England seen in period and that of older, antiqued films. [I am inspired] By the balloons seen in the Miss Dior Cherie perfume campaigns, the perfume itself and the whole aesthetic look of the perfume and different campaigns. [I get inspiration] From random pastel coloured pastries, including marvelous sprinkled doughnuts attached with a high price tag, pastries only the French people can brew, and the exceptional cupcakes from various cupcake castles found in Beverly Hills (and the surrounding areas) that force you to find a fork before you allow yourself to treat yourself.

[I get inspired] While listening to the music of Brigitte Bardot clawing its way under your skin and begging you to release the sexy va-va voom in you–in a classy manor of course. [I am inspired by] The pastel colours themselves, exquisite courtyards with marvelous and perfectly sized French chateaus entrapped in beautiful fencing in the yard with Greek Hellenistic marble statues greeting you. [I get inspiration from] Movies like Marie Antoinette, Atonement, The Duchess, and Funny Face, and icons like the ever-classic Audrey Hepburn –and of course Holly Golightly–, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, Jane Birkin, Jacqueline Kennedy. All these things and oh! So many more inspire me to the happiest level. (I know that might not make sense, but think of it.) The Juicy Couture may be the best possible way for myself to explain to you this incandescent happiness that will cover itself over me once I have completed my goal of hosting, and attending this marvelous get together, which we all know will be anything but a bore of time with stale finger sandwiches.

My music of choice may be found between the classical tastes and tasteful contemporary music; hear, and finally listen to the music from Pride & Prejudice and Marie Antoinette rhythmically incorporate with the young music of Gossip Girl.

This opulent party buzzing with fascinating people subjects is to be held in either some breathtaking town house on the Upper East Side or Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill, or in some gorgeous chateau in the countryside of France or a quaint cottage in England, sitting atop rolling hills. Shut those little peepers and envision those beautiful wide scenery shots from Pride & Prejudice. I know Gatsby–with Daisy as DEELISHious army candy of course–would be a pleased attendee, therefore I know I am allowed to breathe.

P.S. Pick the guests, they are truly inspired by whatever is felt necessary and right to attend this gathering.


E Hovilainen

*various sources via weheartit