Intro to E. Hovilainen

by Elisabet

Bonjour mes cheries,

And welcome to E. Hovilainen. I am glad you stumbled somehow onto my quite humble blog and I hope you continue through and become a regular. There is not much that I wish to put about myself on a mere post. I did have another blog but that is in my previous thoughts now;  all I can say for myself is I grew tired of the blog because it evolved into something unoriginal. Instead of remembering why I decided to blog to begin with and continuing to blog about what I wanted to blog, I got so caught up with the “blog hype” that I started trying to morph my blog into what everyone else was blogging about. So it came that I put labels on what my blog was and put cute categories on what I would strictly blog about. Finally, I came to the conclusion that doing so was tiring and I wasn’t being neither fair nor true to myself, and eventually to my readers. Therefore, I ended the blog while I still could.

Jumping Dylan at the Paddock Riding Club, Glendale, CA

Needless to say, that is not all I am–a blog in the blogger’s previous thoughts. I am Rebekka, full of grace. Young. youthful. I push the boundaries, defy the odds, risk the chances, and bend the rules (of course creating new ones). I love to write and write because I love. I am an equestrian, and am a unique form who likes to combine old world tradition and grace, Dressage, with the thrill and drive of adrenaline, show jumping. I recently relocated to New Jersey, and can proudly can that I not only live in Jersey (baby!) but I also live ON  the Jersey Shore. I previously made home the other side of the country and lived in Los Angeles. I like to keep busy and always work work working. My 70+ year old grandparents are the best example of staying busy as they are busier retired now than in their “prime” years–so I’ve heard. I proudly claim to be a true Christian but that doesn’t mean I go around judging people dressed in a mock turtleneck and pants that reek of potatoes, quite the opposite I’d like to say. I am active in my church and we serve the Jersey Shore area. I hope to combine my passions and not be the jack of all trades but the master of the trades that I can do well, with a unique taste, of course.

Despite what I have written, this is only but a small fraction of who I am.

Having fun in Burbank, CA